Since 2003, EWAY ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (WUHAN) CO., LTD. .  has been serving customers in over 100 countries with a wide range of energy solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse communities and industries worldwide. eWay Energy takes pride in offering professional-grade lithium-ion batteries that feature top-tier battery cells, long with a 10-year warranty and timely online technical support. Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit, and we are committed to providing our clients with reliable and efficient energy solutions that exceed their expectations.Your Global Partner in Renewable Energy
Lithium Battery & Solar System
Rack Mounted LiFePO4 Battery
This is a low-voltage battery with excellent performance that supports parallel connection of multiple modules. It supports both household and commercial use, has stable reliability in various situations. This product has good compatibility so as to communicate with major inverter brands, like Solis,Deye,Growatt,Voltronic etc. In terms of installation and storage, it is small in size and can be placed in cabinets of various specifications.At the same time with more than 10 yrs of deep cycle, for your long -term development escort
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Hybrid Solar System
This HSG series are solar systems that are dependent on the grid and can also accumulate extra electricity in a storage unit. Here, the extra energy produced by the solar system after the energy consumption by appliances is transferred to the battery bank. Once they are completely charged, they can export the extra energy to the grid. UNIV HSG systems are of stability and reliability, suitable for various types of appliance. Their appropriate voltage brings a balance of users’ safety and effectiveness.
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Modular LiFePO4 Battery
The UNIV Modular Stackable Lithium Battery is a versatile and reliable energy storage solution that offers flexible capacity expansion and easy installation. This battery is constructed from high-quality LFP battery cells and comes equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems that provide real-time data on battery performance via uplink and optional Bluetooth connectivity. These features ensure optimal battery operation and extend its lifespan.Installation, capacity expansion, and battery maintenance are made more convenient thanks to the wireless and blind-mating connections between modules. This means that users can easily add or remove battery modules as needed, making it highly adaptable to changing energy storage requirements.The UNIV Modular Stackable Lithium Battery is widely used in various applications, including residential, industrial, and commercial energy storage fields, as well as renewable energy systems. Its modular design and advanced features make it a cost-effective and reliable choice for all your energy storage needs
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Wall mount 10kWh Lithium Battery
This is a low-voltage battery with excellent performance that supports parallel connection of multiple modules. One specially designed performance and support for home using, with good waterproof wall mounting. This product is competent for off grid and hybrid models, especially when carrying general household loads. It has good compatibility to communicate with major inverter brands, such as Solis, Deye, Growatt, Voltronic etc.
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Six Reasons For Choosing Eway

Safe & Reliable

Lithium lron Phosphate (LFP) Cell

More Usable Energy

100% Depth of Discharge
Pack Level Energy Optimization

Easy Installation

Plug in & off

Flexible Investment

Modular Design
Scalable from 8 to 64 pcs installation

Quick Commissioning

Automatically Detected in App

Perfect Compatibility

Compatible to Both Residential
Single or Three Phase Inverter
Our Certificates
We have been committed to a one-stop solution for lithium batteries and solar energy systems. Service range from design, production, storage and transportation to installation guidance, after-sales service, etc.




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EWAY ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (WUHAN) CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise, which was established on May 2003, a professional and vigorous new energy company focusing on Solar Energy Storage System, Lithium-Ion Battery. Our products have reached over 100 countries worldwide, famous as a world leading professional manufacturer of cost-effective battery with high quality and efficiency..




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